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All races come from a common source

All humans descended from the first man, Adam, and his wife, Eve, whom the Bible calls “the mother of everyone living.” (Genesis 3:20) For this reason, the Bible says of God: “He made out of one man every nation of men.” (Acts 17:26) Regardless of their race, all humans are part of just one family. What, though, if racial prejudice or class distinctions are strong where you live?


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Wise people ‘consult together’

While interracial marriage is perfectly acceptable to God, not all people share his view. (Isaiah 55:8, 9) If you are considering marrying someone of another race, you and your prospective mate should discuss the following:

How will you deal with the pressures you might face from your community or family?

How will you help your children to deal with prejudice?

“Consulting together” in this way can help you to make your marriage a success.—Proverbs 13:10; 21:5.